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We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Your Business. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

AT TIO DESIGN WE ARE DIFFERENT than most companies for two reasons. And we are not just saying that. How? Firstly because we know your business inside out. We spent over 10 years in food industry, visiting and working with takeaways, restaurants, cafes and sandwich shops. We know what you need.
Secondly, we don’t have thousands, not even hundreds of clients. Nor do we want to. Why?

BECAUSE WE GIVE 100% to each client. And that takes a lot of time, effort and travelling. Yes we travel and visit you at least once a month. We are always available on the phone, no waiting for up to an hour, no transferring around from department to department. We support you every day whether it’s in person, over the phone or whatsapp.

Best of all, we work very closely with you, advising you how to improve every aspect of your business. We suggest new ideas, new food, special offers and we advertise your shop on social media so you are always in touch with your customers. This is how your sales will go up.

The leaflets are dead and nobody reads them. Social media is the new leaflets and everybody is on social media. Your customers are number one so look after them.

be your own boss

Who is the Boss? Are you or are they? Stop working 7 days a week, 10 hrs a day just to give most of your hard earned profits to Just Eat, Food Hub and Deliveroo. Do they care or have time for you or what you need?
We do, read about Tio Design in Hull Daily Mail.

Grow with us

So you want to be the boss and control your own business again? Keep more of your profits to yourself? Now you can. It really is not that hard. You just need 3 things: your own website, social media advertising and to stop using just eat, foodhub, deliveroo or any other company.

bring your customers back

Remember the time when your customers were actually your customers? Now they are controlled by somebody else. They are not really yours anymore.  Want them back? It’s not that hard to bring your customers back.  Work with us and we’ll make it happen. Because they are your customers not somebody elses.

be social and sell more

So nobody cares about leaflets and everybody is using social media. Are you? We can help your takeaway, restaurant, coffee or sandwich shop by setting up and running your Facebook, Instagram and Google businesses pages. You will sell more and keep your customers close to you.

get paid directly

Get paid directly into your bank account. Don’t let someone else keep your money and pay you when they decide to pay you. Who’s money is it anyway? With us your money is your money, it does not stay with us. It goes directly to you. Any day you choose. 

look after your business

You also need to look after your business and yourself. How?
Again, stop working 7 days a week, 10 hrs a day and then giving most of your hard earned profits to Just Eat, Food Hub and Deliveroo! Can they really care about your business when they have thousands of others like yours?

Are you worried you will lose customers if you leave them? Don’t be. Most takeaways and restaurants have finally realised it is much better to have your own website and be your own boss.

control your business

Be a boss, you decide what to sell and how to sell it. You decide which promotions and special offers you want on your website and when. You decide what discount you want to give to your own customers and when. You decide what you put on your website. 

Control your menu and if you decide to change anything you can. Prices up or down? Easy. Change photos and videos? Done. Email marketing? Sent.
Control your customer personal details and send them marketing emails, texts and messages when you want. Because they are your customers not somebody elses. Promote your own business through social media the way you want and when you want. Get extra sales via facebook ordering app. 

advertise what you want

Want to advertise what you want and when you want? This is almost impossible when you are with justeat or foodhub because they control your website, probably your Google page and your customer details. They can also put any special offers they want without even asking you. 

We had a takeaway business once and we say enough is enough!
Work with us and give us the opportunity to show you that it doesn’t have to be like that at all. You can be free and do what you want, support our business and we will support yours. 

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that with us, you will have more and keep more profits.

If you work with us we guarantee your business will be improved.

We guarantee we are always available to support and advise you by visiting your shop and talking to you on the phone. Do you get that with your current provider? Probably not.