Make extra sales with our great features


The Features

Online Ordering

Let your customers order directly from your own website with our Online Ordering System. Receive and confirm orders from your own mobile phone or tablet.

Unlimited Orders

Unlimited orders, no commission. There is no contract and no hidden fees.

Your Online Menu

Whether you’re a restaurant, takeaway, sandwich shop or cafe customers can easily browse through your menu, promo deals and select whatever appeals to them. This makes the online ordering on your website extremely easy to use for anybody.

Facebook Ordering App

We'll add Ordering and your Menu directly into your facebook page. Get extra sales every week. Don't have a facebook page or not using it? We can build & run it for you.

Order for Later

Allows you customers to order now and schedule a later pickup or delivery. This way you can take orders 24/7 and make money while you sleep.

Mobile Ordering

A responsive website. It works great on mobile phones and tablets so your customers can order from anywhere.

Real Time Ordering

Once your customer places an order, we keep them engaged until you review the order and display the confirmation in real time.

Accept Cards and PayPal

Credit and Debit Card integration to allow your customers to pay through your website with their cards. You can also accept PayPal. The payments go directly into your account.

Website Ordering Widget

We add an Order & Menu Button to your website in your navigation or anywhere you want the button located which brings up your menu and allows customers to start ordering.

Table Reservation Widget

We add a Book a Table Button to you website, in the navigation or anywhere on your site, so customers can easily book a table in advance.

Order Ahead for Reservations

When enabled, this feature allows customers to order food in advance when making a table reservation.

Pictures In Menu

We supply a free photo stock of delicious food images. We are able to use them or we can upload your own to create great-looking menus.

Easy Checkout

Our online ordering system includes a simple checkout option. Customer finishes their online order after a quick fill-in of the details. You get paid directly, no middlemen.

No Contact Delivery

As the Coronavirus pandemic escalates, customers want to drastically reduce their exposure to the outside world. Enabling no-contact deliveries & minimum exposure pickups is a great way to keep everyone safe from the epidemic.

The Admin Area

Free Detailed Reporting

Take your business to a whole new level by making decisions based on relevant data from the reporting dashboard. Create your own or use or stock reporting.

Access to Customer Information

You have access to all of your customers information that place orders in your admin area. Create relevant marketing directly to existing customers to boost your sales.

Update Your Restaurant Info

We can get your profile set up, and you will have access to make any changes you need: delivery area, operating hours, phone numbers etc.

Build a Promotion

Other platforms control your promotions but with us you can set-up almost any promotion you can think of. Now it’s time to run that promo you’ve always wanted.

Update Your Menu

We’ll get it set up and you’ll be able to go in and update your menu how you like, add new items, update existing ones, change prices and pictures etc. Or we can do it for you.

Add Another Location

Are you expanding? We can get you set up to add all your locations in one spot and you can maintain it going forward.

Custom Website

Sales Enhanced Design

We’ll build you a unique Single page website design that is optimized to increase sales. Includes beautiful images and your well-crafted online menu that is easy to reach for your customers.

SEO Friendly

Your biggest concern as a restaurant owner should be your food and customers, not how you rank in Google. Not to worry, we'll work hard to take care of all the SEO aspects of your new website.

Responsive Design for Mobile

The modern design of your new website is built to respond to any screen size. So no matter where your customers are visiting from, it will look amazing on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile.

Widget Integration

Your new website will include your carefully placed Menu Order button in the navigation and on your page, perfectly placed to make it easy for your customers to place their order

Back Office Access

In your admin area you will have access to your website which will allow you to customize every aspect of it. Whether your changing your hours, images or colors, the sky is the limit. Or we can do it all for you.

Single or Franchise Setup Available

Whether you have one store, 2 stores, or 100 we will build your site to accommodate all of your locations to make it easier for customers to find and order from their closest location.

Rise to the top

Increase Profits

With us, We Guarantee you will have more and keep more profits.

improve your business

Be your Own Boss

Be in control of your own business and stop giving to Just Eat, Food Hub and Deliveroo. They simply don’t have time for you or what you need. 

No headache, no worries

Support and Advice

We guarantee we are available to support and advise you by visiting your shop and always talking to you on the phone. 

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that with us, you will have more and keep more profits.

If you work with us we guarantee your business will be improved.

We guarantee we are always available to support and advise you by visiting your shop and talking to you on the phone. Do you get that with your current provider? Probably not.