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Leaflets are dead

There are over 1000 takeaways, restaurants and other food places in Hull alone. How can you stand out and do more sales? Leaflets used to be the way to do it but not anymore. Leaflets are dead and social media has replaced them.

Are you on social media?


Do you use your Facebook properly to post and advertise few times a week?


What about Instagram and TripAdvisor business page? Are you running them properly?


Your Google business page is very important but is it yours? Do you even use it?

we can help

FEW YEARS AGO it was enough to have a phone and leaflets. Now you have to have online ordering and social media.


WE CAN PROVIDE your own online ordering website or social media or both.
We have over 5 years of experience working in social media marketing and over 10 years experience working in takeaway/restaurant food service industry.
A winning combination.

sell more

SOCIAL MEDIA is much better then leafleting. You can get more customers and sell more food. 


WE CAN HELP your takeaway, restaurant, coffee or sandwich shop by setting up and running your Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter or Trip Advisor page.
We can do one or all of them, it’s up to you.

WE TAKE CARE of everything for you. If you are in Hull (or up to 50 miles outside) we'll visit you in your store once a month to take photos & videos of the food.

WE'LL DEAL WITH customer messages, comments & inquires. Design posts, create graphics, cover photos, logos, edits, provide content relevant to your customers, run special offers & competitions, marketing strategies & advertising, monitor your page every day and engage with your customers.

WE'LL ALWAYS BE available for any kind of support over the phone, on whatsapp or in person.

be social

BE IN TOUCH with your customers. 


WHEN WAS the last time you properly talked or messaged with your customers? Listened to their feedback and advice? Had a competition to win free pizza? Showed them a video of your cooking? Said good morning to all of them? Encouraged them to buy from your Facebook shop? Or made them laugh with a funny photo or video?

WE CAN DO all that for you. Twice a week or more. Do this on a regular basis, keep your customers close to you not someone else. And soon enough you will see your sales going up.


WE OFFER TAKEAWAYS & RESTAURANTS special packages and pricing. 


SINCE THIS is the industry where my social media background started. Have a look at our packages and feel free to ask any questions. The contract is on a monthly basis and you can leave whenever you want. We can also do pay as you go. All the packages are customizable to your individual needs and pricing.

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Choose your plan

One month contract or pay as you go

* Set Up - this is only if you need new pages creating and setting up. If you have an existing page you want to use then there is no set up costs.

* Run Advertising - we will create and run your advertising campaigns however if you want to boost your adverts you need to pay facebook directly. You decide if and how much you want to spend. This is not ongoing cost and should only be used when promoting certain things. We'll advise you further on this.

Bonus Feature!

Facebook Ordering App

We can only give you a facebook ordering app when you build your online ordering website with us.
This is because it is integrated in the website ordering system.
Our facebook ordering app can bring you from £200 and up in extra sales per week!
This is on top of your normal sales.

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